Fin Bronze

Bronze Fin Levels

Level I

  • Get to know the Environment and Equipment.
  • Paddling control, catch a wave and  slide with your body(bodysurfing)
  • Grasp paddling technique, seating and turning
  • Catch a wave with the surfboard, and ride it all the way to the beach lying on the surfboard
  • Get to know your stance
  • Assume the basic surf posture
  • Balanced distribution of your weight on the board
  • Safely stand up on the foam, and get the basic surf posture on waves with a maximum eight of 0.5m
  • Catch foams without any help
  • Ride on a straight line all the way to shore
  • Grasping techniques of jump of the surfboard in motion
  • Grasping and using basic safety techniques on all different stages
  • Autonomy on waves up to 0.5m highLevel II
  • Identifying the location, and the adequate conditions for the practice of surfing while ensuring the safety of other surfers
  • Get to know the equipment and its function (surfboard, leash, wax, wetsuits)
  • Get to know safety rules in and outside of the water
  • Identifying the various types of waves and their related dangers
  • Identifying the tides the breaking area and how to exit safely with or without the surfboard

    Level II

  • Grasp and  use all the knowledge of the previous level
  • Be autonomous on the water with or without the surfboard
  • Know how to use various techniques on how to pass the breaking point
  • Stand up on the wall of the wave, frontside Drop turn and backside on the foam
  • Grasp paddling technique, laying down posture, and know how to apply more or less speed  according with each situation
  • Turn the board while seating
  • Controlled falls and efficient wave exiting of the board in the end of each wave
  • Demonstrate an efficient stance and adequate weight distribution
  • Guarantee the safety of others during the paddling to the waves, the take off  and the ride
  • Manage to fully surf one wave without any help
  • Identifying the best place to pass through the breaking poing
  • Identifying the various types of surfable waves
  • Practice and equipment knowledge


Niveis Fin Prata

 Level I

  • Graps al the knowledge of the previous levels
  • Take off on the lip of the wave
  • Front and back side turn one wall of the wave
  • Controlling techniques of passing through the break point
  • Know how to pick the right waves to surf
  • Know how to exit the wave after the ride
  • Autonomous padle in the sea with waves superior to 0.5 m high
  • Catch waves by break with and without help
  • Execute the take off and drop the wave in a safe way
  • Know how to apply the safety rules in and outside the water
  • Know how to stay outside and manage to pick the best quality waves to surf
  • Analysing the sea and wind conditions
  • Read the weather conditions , the swell , the tides, the wind direction and intensity
  • Know how to use tides to your advantage
  • Placement on the peak using reference points



Grau II

  • Graps all the knowledge of the previous levels
  • Manage to execute a take off from the lip of the wave in a smooth and safe way
  • Drop
  • How to change direction on the wave (bottom)
  • Frontside and backside turn on the wall of the wave
  • Explore the face of the wave to execute an efficient trimming
  • Autonomy inside , outside and under the water on the inside and outside of waves up to 1 meter
  • Autonomy to pick waves
  • Identifying the various parts of the board and knowing their function
  • Know the various types of fins and how to use them
  • Identifying damage in the equipment
  • Identifying sea conditions and choosing the best place to practice taking in consideration your own skill level
  • Adaptation to the picking of a surfboard in consideration to the type of surf, level, and personal physionomics




  •  Graps all the knowledge of the previous levels
  •  Angle take off e drop
  •  Bottom turn , Frontside and Backside Trimming
  •  Cutback
  • Know the rules and the priorities of snaking


  • Graps all the knowledge of the previous levels
  • Angle take off
  • Frontside and backside Triming,  frontside and backside Bottom turn (with spray)
  • Frontside Pocket Top Turn
  • Frontside and Backside Roundhouse cutback
  • Predict the best conditions for surfing in the various types of beach breaks while considering the tides, wave direction and weather conditions
  • Controlar the kick out in close outs or in the end of the ride