Birthday Parties


Minimum of 10 participants


Minimum age of 8 years


Mandatory to know how to swim




2h30 of activity: Surf Lesson + snack

18 €/child

1h30 activity + 1h00 space available to bring the snack

15 €/child

Snack: Pizza, Coca-Cola, ice tea, french fries. Does not include birthday cake.

This plan includes

  • Federated School by FPS (Portuguese Surf Federation)
  • Monitors accredited by the Portuguese Surf Federation with a level 1 trainer course
  • School recognized and licensed by the captaincy of the port of Oporto
  • Individual personal accident insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Included all material suitable to the practice of the modality
  • Teacher/student relationship, 1/8
  • Men's and women's clothing, WCS and personal possessions with appropriate dimensions
  • Hot water showers
  • Wireless, lounge area