Training Project "Surf Team"

Its main mission is to make our athletes evolve as surfers and human beings. In this plan, the academic and educational performance becomes preponderant. In all these aspects, according to the results, school marks, behavior and performance in training and competitions, surfers will be awarded or penalized.

In its totality, it is composed of 7 classes, which are differentiated by gender, male and female, and technical-tactical level.

It starts in Groms 2 / Girls 2 and goes to the competition groups.

The program consists of weekly technical-tactical training and physical preparation.
As Surf is a sport that depends on several external factors, such as waves, wind and tides, physical preparation plays a fundamental role, for which we have 1 functional training (adapted to the age and physical characteristics of the athletes) and one surfing specific to surfers per week.

For the more advanced levels, when there is no need for surfers to have the teacher in the water, our methodology consists of recording the training sessions and, later, analyzing the images with our students. In this way, they can see what they have to improve.

When the sea is not able to practice surfing, the technical training in water is replaced by skateboarding.

In addition to the normal training register, during the school holidays, we have a more intensive register, called Surf Clinics, in which the athletes are in our company from 9am to 6pm and have 2 surfing and one skate training per day. The beaches are always chosen according to the best conditions and level of the surfers.

If you identify with our concept, do not waste time and come to know our space and try a training.

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