(1 teacher for 7 students)

Surf lessons, Stand Up paddle or Skateboard. The best way to have a safe and controlled first contact with water sports.


Single Group Class 25€/pax
Private Class 1 pax. 40€
Private Class 2/3 pax. 35€/pax
Pack 4 Lessons 65€
Pack 8 Lessons 115€
Pack 12 Lessons 145€
Monthly fee 2x per week: 65€

Stand Up Paddle

Single Class 35€
Pack 5 Lessons 1 pax 150€
1 Lesson 2 pax 30€/pax
Pack 5 Lessons 2 pax 125/pax
1 Lesson 3 pax 25/pax
PAX SUP Tours (Rio Paiva, Rio Arda, River Wing) 35€


Single Group Class 25€
Private Class 35€
Pack 4 classes in Group 65€
Pack 8 classes in Group 115€
Pack 12 classes in Group 145€
Monthly fee 2x per week 60€

H o l i d a y  C a m p
(7 to 16 years)

Imagine having a full week, summer, full of animation, friends, new experiences, learning, sports, lots of water, sand and sun, games and so many other good things!

Come spend a few days with us and we'll teach you all the mysteries of the sea, and how to learn how to surf well and fast.
All the material you need is included for your dream week, surfboards for all levels, state-of-the-art suits, and everything else you need for your complementary activities.

For more information and booking please go to the following link: here


Training Project "Surf Team"

The SurfTeam Project is a continuation of the Surf School, which seeks to respond to the levels following the initiation.

Physical Training

Functional training, in swimming pool and gymnasium, oriented to enhance the skills needed for surfing.  

Group and Corporate Events

Team Building Activities. We welcome your group with a welcome drink and at the end of the surf you can opt for an aperitif, lunch or dinner.

Birthday Parties

Surf experience, super easy, safe and fun! After a lesson enjoy a mega snack, and other games like football, volleyball and trampoline, while your parents relax on the terrace!

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